CLASS NO. 42 - UNDER BLOUSE INSERT OR DICKIE
                                                             by Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
                                                                             July 2009

This can be made from various fabrics, but the best is from organdy or a light weight cotton.  For better
stitching,   fabric needs to be starched real heavy so that it is somewhat stiff.    Also, it should be stabilized
with a Tear Away.    ALWAYS STITCH A SAMPLE.


12" x 10" fabric or wider according to your measurements (for this lesson, use white).
Embroidery thread:   pastel green, yellow, brown, lavender, white and ecru.
Bobbin thread
Size 80 needle
24" ribbon
Machine and all feet
Basic sewing items with a fabric marking pen
Tear Away stabilizer
Download drawing

The top could have a border across  OR you create you own using the built in stitches in your machine.    
Another method is attaching eyelet or lace trim.   The top should be decorative.

All programmed stitches are for the Designer 1 machine.   Refer to your machine instruction book for a
comparative stitch.   
     Stitch the center row first (floral stitch):   D22; L 2.5 W 4.0
     First and fifth row (a loop stitch):   L20; L2.0 W 4.0 mirror end to end
     Stitch second and fourth row (satin stitch):   F3; W2

PROGRAMING STITCHES: (Program all stitches in Memory)

     W = width; L = length; elong = elongate

1.        After machine is turned on — touch Program and clear all unwanted stitches.
2.        Entredeau:   E42; W3; L3
3.        Then touch Repeat on the machine display.  Touch Repeat after each programming.
4.        Bring up an empty space and program scallops:   C11; W6; L2   elong 3.
5.        Leaves: C4; C4 reverse.  Repeat.  L3; W4; elong. 2
6.        Dots: C5; C5 reverse.
7.        Flower pedal: C5; C1 reverse/mirrow; Repeat.  L2 W5.0 elong 1.
8.        Half pedal:   C12; C9 Repeat.  L2 W5.0 elong 1.
9.        Stem for leaves is a regular satin stitch.


1.        Measure across chest from one bra strap to the other.    This should be your for  measurement of         
the dickie.  Add allowance for hems.
2.        Fold top of fabric down 2 times about one inch each for the top hem.
3.        Use regular size 80 needle – sew an entredeau stitch on the hem line.
4.        On top edge - stitch a scallop line or a border  of your preference.
5.        In the middle - do a combine decorative stitch.
6.        Place a piece of Solvy on top of a pattern design and trace drawing.
7.        Pin securely to the fabric.
8.        Begin stitching the design using the programmed stitches.  See picture.
9.        Upon completion, do a finish hem around the other three sides.   Or overlock the edges.
10.       Attach ribbon to the top corners for tying onto the bra straps.

ALTERNATE:    Instead of the above method – stitch an embroidery design in the center.

NOTE:   For other machine brands, use picture and your instruction book to determine the stitches to make
the dickie.

Can be enlarged.