Miss Ellen’s Sewing Class
                                              Class No. 40 - Sunflower Table Runner or Topper        
                                                             By Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
                                                                          March, 2009
This lesson will teach you to make sunflowers in the large embroidery hoop and then attaching them to the
center of a quilt block .   A wonderful summer decorating item.

MATERIALS:     Use cotton or poly/cotton fabrics
      (Yardage is for table topper)
1 yard tone on tone yellow fabric (1/4 yd will make 2 sunflowers)
1 fat quater orange fabric
1 2/3 yard green - this green will be for striping and backing
1 yard muslin - for back ground
brown buttons as needed
1 yard iron on batting
white regular construction thread
brown embroidery thread
bobbin thread
Machine and embroidery accessories, large hoop
Sewing accessories

METHOD:        For table runner

1.        Set up machine for embroidery.   Use regular sewing thread.
2.        For pedals, hoop together:   1 layer stabilizer; 1 yellow fabric right side up; 1 yellow fabric  right side
3.        Stitch pedal design.  This will make 5 pedals.
4.        Upon completion, remove fabric from hoop - cut jump threads.
5.        Cut around each pedal and across bottom which is not stitched,  at least 1/4 inch from stitching.  
6.        Remove stabilizer and turn pedals right side out.
7.        Change machine to sewing and set stitch length to maximum length.
8.        Stitch along the bottom of pedals butting pedals against the last one — this is a gathering stitch.
9.        Upon completion, using the bobbin thread – pull up pedals into a loose gather and tie together.
10.        Change machine back to embroidery.   Use brown embroidery thread on top.
11.        Hoop Tear Away stabilizer and a 10 inch square of muslin.
12.        Mark the center point and place the pedals (centering) under the pressure foot.
13.        Place a small piece of orange fabric under the pressure foot and on top of pedals.
14.        Stitch the first color.   When machine stops, remove the hoop from embroidery arm, but do not turn
machine off or unhoop.   Trim around orange fabric close to the stitching.
15.        Replace hoop and stitch the second color.
16.        Upon completion, remove hoop from embroidery arm.   Cut jump stitches.
17.        Remove fabric from hoop and remove stabilizer.
18.        Sew a brown button in the center.

This completes one sunflower block.   Make as many as you would like to make a project of your choice