Miss Ellen’s Sewing Class
                                                               Class No. 39 - Pillow Cases                        
                                                            By Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
                                                                      February, 2009
This lesson will teach you to use a twin size sheet and make 4 cases (2 pairs).   The technique is constructing
the pillow case that has no exposed seams.   


1 twin size flat sheet - finished measurements 66 X 96
   This will make 2 sets.
1/2 yard solid color fabric for border
2/3 yard print fabric for border
    For a wider border - it will require 2/3 yard or more
Trims: eyelet, cotton lace, rick rack.  Trims should be 1 1/4 inch wide.
Optional:   assorted embroidery threads and a design of your choice.
Construction thread, bobbin and basic sewing items.
Machine and embroidery accessories if you are doing an embroidery.

Pillow case measurements:

      Standard                 20" X 26"
      Queen                     20" X 30"
      King                         20" X 36"

METHOD - for Queen size pillow cases:

1.        Cut the twin sheet according to drawing.

(Simple method - no trims)

2.        Cut the print fabric into 9 X 44 inch stripes - border piece.
3.        Place print fabric (right side up) on a table.
4.        Place PC fabric right side down on top of the print fabric.
5.        Stitch together - using a ½ inch seam.
6.        Fold the PC fabric accordion style or roll up toward the stitched seam.   Do not pin.
7.        Bring the other side of the printed fabric over the PC fabric — match the edges together.
8.        Stitch edges together making a long tube.
9.        Carefully pull the PC fabric through one end of the tube.   Press flat.
10.        Use a french seam to close the side and end of the pillow case.

(Embroidery/monogram  method)

1.        Follow instructions above except the following steps.
2.        Cut solid color fabric into 9 X 44 inch stripes - border piece.
              (A wider border is best for embroidering or monograming.)
3.        Select a design - it can be a floral design or a monogram.
4.        Using a template, mark the  fabric for the embroidery on the pillow case.
5.        Set up the machine and embroidery the selected design.
6.        When finished, remove from hoop and cut jump stitches and remove stabilizer.
7.        Place the border on a table - right side up.
8.        Follow steps 4 through 10 - above.

(Apply trim method)

1.        Place border fabric on table - right side up.
2.        Place trim on border matching unfinished edges.
3.        Baste stitch together.
4.        Follow steps 4 thru 10 to finish.

Ellen Mason - JOY Designs