Miss Ellen’s Sewing Class
                                                           Class No. 38 - Casserole Carrier                        
                                                              By Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
                                                                       November, 2008

This project is a wonderful Christmas item.   Do you have a friend or a relative that loves to cook and take
food to church gatherings?  Then this project is just great for you.   OR, make it for yourself.    It is so easy
and does not take a long time to make it.   The materials will make two.  The carrier is just that —  carry a dish
from home to where ever — it does not have thermal batting to keep food hot/cold.


5/8 yd. double side quilt fabrics - preferable a print.
2 pkg. double fold quilt bias binding - coordinating
    color.   A package should go around the edges
    and have enough for the strap.
4 - D rings
Optional - hair clips - see picture
Matching sewing thread
Basic sewing items
Optional:    Monogram one edge.


1.        Cut two pcs. Fabric - 21" square.   Retain any scraps to make loops to the D-rings.
2.        Set up sewing machine for regular stitching.
3.        Fill a bobbin with the construction thread.
4.        Using one package of bias binding, begin on one side - 6 inches down from a corner - and opon the
bias binding and start placing the bias binding over the edges.   Make sure that the narrower side is on the  
top so that when you machine stitch, it will catch both sides.
5.        Use the hair clips over the sides to stabilize the binding OR pin the binding onto the fabric.
6.        Mitre the corners.   See picture in using the clips.
7.        Stitch bias binding on the quilted fabric.
8.        Join the binding to the beginning point by cutting the binding 1 ½ inch past the beginning point.   Fold
under the binding edge and stitch across.
9.        With the remaining bias binding,   stitch down the edge to make the carrying strap.
10.        With the scrap of quilted fabric, cut 2 pieces 2" X 1 3/4" to make loops for the D-rings.
11.        For placement of the strap and D-rings, see picture.   Zig zag over the edges of the strap and the D-
rings ---- stitch over 3-4 times for good securing.