CLASS NO. 36 - Teddy Bear Sewing Day
                                                              By Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
                                                                                May, 2008

The following instructions are for making a small stuffed Teddy Bear to be placed inside a shoe box.    Many
churches support Franklin Graham’s ministry “Christmas Child Project”.   These boxes are given to children all
over the world.    If your church is involved in this ministry, I encourage you to stitch several and place them
inside the boxes.   If your church does not have this ministry, please stitch some Teddy Bears and send them to
me at the following address:


Please notice that the Teddy Bears are stitched with a bobbin method.    The download design will make two
Teddy Bears  so use the large hoop.

1.        Set up your machine for embroidery and fill a bobbin with thread that you will be using to stitch the Teddy
2.        Hoop in the following order:   A piece of small print fabric – right side down — then place a piece of
stabilizer on top.   Hoop together.
3.        Using your choice of colored embroidery thread, stitch the face, the words and heart.  This can be
stitched with one color.
4.        Stop the machine after stitching the words and heart.
5.        Place a piece of fabric (right side up) on top of the bottom half of the Teddy Bear.
6.        With another piece of fabric (right side up), place it on the top half of the Teddy Bear and fold under the
fabric at the TB’s waist.
7.        Complete with the satin stitch around the TB.
8.        Remove from hoop and apply some Fray Chek to the edges.    Trim about 1/4 inch from the satin
9.        Finish by stuffing the Teddy Bear and then hand stitch the back opening closed.