CLASS NO. 35  - CHAIR  ARM CADDY
                                                              by Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
                                                                            April -  2008

This is a wonderful item for a gift or yourself ---- so handy to have TV controls, small magazine, etc., OR  -
place your favorite sewing items inside the pockets.


2 pieces - 12 X 44" - coordinating, different prints
1 piece - iron on quilt batting or fleece or felt
2 pieces - 12 X 7" solid color fabric - such as, denim,
       poplin or trigger
Bias binding
Threads:    Assorted color embroidery threads
            Construction thread - coordinated color
              for the print
                 Filled bobbin
Basic sewing items
Sewing/embroidery machine and accessories
A design of your choice to stitch on the pockets
ALTERNATE METHOD:    Use double sided purchase quilted fabric instead of quilting your own.

1.        Prepare fabrics: wash, dry then spray starch and iron.
2.        Set up machine for embroidery.
3.        Embroidery a design (your choice) on each pocket piece.   (NOTE: If you wish to have 2 sections in the
pockets, divide the pocket in half and stitch a design on each section.)  Upon completion, remove from hoop
and remove embroidery arm from machine.
4.        Make a fabric “sandwich” with the print fabric and batting.  Place one print facing down, then place
batting and last, another print facing up.    (OPTIONAL:   Use double face purchase quilted fabric.)
5.        Set up machine for regular sewing.
6.        Quilt the fabric sandwich and then trim to size 10" X 22".
7.        Trim the pocket pieces to size 10" X 7"
8.        Apply bias binding to the top edge of pockets.
9.        Pin pocket pieces to the quilted caddy - one at each end.
10.        Baste stitch together.   Machine stitch up the center of the pocket to make two sections.
11.        Using scrap pieces from fabric and batting — make a handle and pin across the center of the caddy.
12.        Apply bias binding (according to the manufacturer’s directions) to the outside edges of the caddy
13.        Finish stitching and enjoy your caddy.