CLASS NO. 33 - CANDLEWICK HEART
                                                              by Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
                                                                          February, 2008

In this lesson, you will embroidery a faux candlewick and add a trim in making a placemat

1 pc. - 13" X 19" - white poly/cotton;   linen;   
      or any even weave fabric.
Optional:    15" X 21" printed fabric for lining
1 small pc.  tear away  stabilizer
Red embroidery thread
1 bobbin filled with red embroidery thread
Regular white sewing thread
White bobbin thread
Trim:    Red -  can be rick rack, lace or bias binding
Basic sewing items
Machine, embroidery accessories
      Download candlewick heart on www.joydesigns.org


1.        Spray starch and press fabric.
2.        Set up machine for embroidery; top - red thread; bottom - white thread.
3.        Using template, mark the bottom left corner for stitching design.
4.        Hoop stabilizer and fabric.
5.        Stitch candlewick design.
6.        Upon completion, cut jump threads and remove from hoop.
7.        Change machine for regular sewing and change thread accordingly.
8.        Apply trim, (your choice) according to the manufacturer’s instructions, to the edges.  

      If using the optional method:    Place wrong sides of fabric together centering the embroidered piece in
the lining piece.    Pin the excess over the edges of the embroidered piece and turn print edge under.   Stitch
down.   A decorative stitch can be used for hems.