CLASS NO. 32 - AIR FRESHENER DOLL (updated)
                                                                       by Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
                                                                         Sept. 2007 (original 4-1997)


1 - Renuzit adjustable air freshener - any scent
1 - Air freshener doll - purchase at Michael's, Wal Mart or similar craft stores.
Fabrics: for Country Doll - 4" X 20" white for bodice, 6" X 20"  print for skirt or
 for Victorian Doll skirt - 10" X 20" white
 For Christmas Doll skirt - 10" X 20" small Christmas print or red/green solid
½ yd. - ½ inch wide lace trim
24 inches 3/4" or 1" wide lace trim
½ yd. -  ½ inch wide ribbon
White embroidery thread  
Bobbin thread     
All purpose sewing thread
1 yd.- size 30 crochet thread
Hot glue and glue sticks
Sewing machine and accessories
Basic sewing items
Print instructions and pattern.

INSTRUCTIONS:   For Heirloom Doll  (Spray starch and press fabric before cutting)

1. Using pattern on next page, cut out bodice.
2. Embellish front as you desire.
3. Sew shoulder seams.
4. On back , fold facing inside  and stitch down.
5. On neck and sleeve edges, fold under 1/8" and attach lace trim.
6. Stitch side and sleeve seams.

1. Skirt piece should measure 6" X at least 22".   Mark center point.
2. Stitch several rows of fancy stitches while flat.   A prairie point pattern is provided for stitching a line of decorative
entredeau.  See example below.

Suggested pattern:
Row 1 - Entredeau with a wing needle
Row 2 - Double cross stitch with a wing needle
Row 3 - Entredeau with a wing needle
Row 4 - Entredeau with a wing needle using the prairie point pattern
Row 5 - a satin tear drop using a regular needle

3. Fold under hem edge 1/4  inch and attach lace.  Trim if necessary.
4 On the other 22" side ( waistline), place a length of crochet thread - ½ inch from edge and zig-sag over the crochet thread -
being careful not to catch the thread.
5  Pull skirt fabric up (gathering) - be sure to hold the crochet thread ends.
6 Tie thread ends together and with right sides together, stitch a back seam in the fabric leaving 1 ½ inch opening from waistline.

1. Place skirt on doll - centering it and arrange gathers evenly - and apply hot glue on waistline at the front, sides and back.
2. Pull the crochet thread and tie - then apply a dab of glue to the knot.  Trim thread.
3. Place bodice on doll and turn under raw waist edges and hot glue front waistline, sides and back opening to doll overlapping
the back opening.
4. Place the ½ inch wide ribbon around waist and tie a nice bow in the back
5. Optional - hot glue a ribbon rose in the center of the bow.

Hot glue the doll to the upper part of the room freshener.  Whenever the bottom freshener is used up, it can be replaced with a
new one by separating the bottom and top.


1. On the skirt print, turn edge under 1/4 inch and place stitch lace trim under the edge and stitch.
2. With the 6 inch scrap of eyelet trim, hem both side edges.
3. Fold right sides together and mark center point.
4. With the print, fold right sides together and mark the center point.
5. Place the eyelet over the print, right sides up and matching center points and pin together.
6. Place the crochet thread  ½ inch from edge and going over the eyelet  and zig zag over the crochet.   
7. Draw fabric for gathers for fitting on doll.    Follow instructions for Assemble.


1. Make pattern ---- on paper, draw a circle 6 ½ inches in diameter.
2. On white fabric, cut out bonnet.
3. Stitch lace trim on edges.
4. At least ½ inches from fabric edge, zig zag stitch over crochet thread.
5. Pull fabric slightly and place on doll's head.    Continue pulling fabric, smoothing out gathers evenly.
6. Tie crochet thread at the back neck area and place a dab of hot glue over knot.  Cut thread ends.
7. You might want to rearrange the dolls hair and tie it at the back neck area.

Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
Click here for pattern