ESSON NO. 29 - BOOKMARKS
                                                   by Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
                                                May 2007 - (updated from 8-2001)


Fabrics:   linen, or a fine cotton even weave.
   For Method No. 2 and 3 - batiste.
   For Applique bookmarks - 2 pcs. batiste, 2" square small print fabric.
Narrow ribbon for inserting into eyelet hole.
Tear Away Wash Away stabilizer.
Water soluble stabilizer - top and bottom.
Embroidery threads – colors your choice.
Bobbin thread.
Empty bobbins.
Wing needle - size 100.
Spray Starch.
Basic sewing items.
Machine, embroidery attachments and medium or large hoop.
Download designs from New Designs page.

METHOD NO. 1: - this method is used for regular bookmarks.

1. Set up machine for embroidery.
2. Select design.
3. Hoop Tear Away/Wash Away stabilizer and fabric.
4. Embroidery center design.
5. Stop machine — slide another piece of fabric under the hoop.
6. Finish stitching the edges of the bookmark.
7. Remove hoop from embroidery and trim edges.   If you wish to fringe the ends, leave at least 1 inch fabric at each end and
pull out cross threads.
8. Place in water to dissolve the stabilizer.   Lay flat to dry and press on back side.
9. Punch hole in eyelet and insert ribbon.

METHOD NO. 2: - this method is for batiste fabrics.

1. Set up machine and select design - use a one color design.
2. Fill bobbin with same color thread as top thread.
3. Spray starch 2-3 times for a moderately stiff fabric.
4. Hoop one layer of Wash Away stabilizer and batiste.
5. Place another layer of Wash Away on top of batiste.
6. Embroidery selected design.
NOTE: If using the Flying Dove design — upon completing stitching — if your machine has a built in font, stitch an initial in
the center of the bookmark before removing.

7. Remove hoop from machine and trim.   Do not fringe the end if using batiste.
8. Place in water to dissolve some of the stabilizer.   The finished bookmark should be a little stiff.
9. Lay flat to dry – punch hole in eyelet and insert ribbon.

METHOD NO. 3: - this method is for applique/shadow work and using a Wing Needle.

1. Set up machine and select applique heart design.
2. Spray starch batiste and small print fabric 2-3 times - press.
3. Hoop stabilizer and batiste.
4. For applique – place the small piece of fabric on top of batiste.
For shadow work – place small piece of fabric underneath hooped batiste.
5. Stitch color No. 1 - this will attach the small piece of fabric to batiste.
6. When machine stops for a color change – remove hoop from embroidery arm – DO NOT TURN MACHINE OFF
AND DO NOT REMOVE BATISTE FROM HOOP – trim around small piece of fabric closely but do not cut any
7. Replace hoop and continue stitching design until color No. 6 (white).   The machine will stop for color changes - DO NOT
REMOVE HOOP FROM EMBROIDERY ARM.   Remove needle and replace it with a wing needle.
8. Slide another piece of starched batiste underneath the hooped batiste.
9. Complete stitching the bookmark — and remove from embroidery arm.
10. Trim excess fabric and place in water to remove some of the stabilizer.  Lay flat to dry.
11l Punch hole in eyelet and insert ribbon leaving a 3" double tail.