CLASS NO. 28 - Bunny Basket
                                                   by Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
                                                            February  - 2007

This class is just a fun crafty project.   It can be used for a table centerpiece or give to your kids or grand kids to keep
Easter eggs inside.   A similar basket is on the cover of Creative Machine Embroidery magazine, but this is my design and
method of making the basket.    So, enjoy!


1 empty, clean large margerine tube or an oval ice cream container.
12" X 44" pink and white check fabric  
12" X 44" white or muslin fabric   
1 small scrap of solid pink fabric      
Cut Away stabilizer or thin felt for lining
Embroidery threads: red, medium blue and black
Bobbin thread
Regular sewing thread and filled bobbin
Basic sewing kit
Sewing machine, embroidery unit and 4" hoop
Pattern paper - can be tissue paper
Hot glue gun
Download Bunny Face from New Designs page


1. Make a paper pattern around the empty container.   Wrap pattern paper/tissue paper around the outside of the
container.  Using a black marker, draw on the paper around the bottom and top edge of the container.  Extend each end to
fold over the other end     Then place the paper flat and draw 1 ½ inches above the top line (this part will be folded over
the top and down into the container).    Make sure that ends meet and are extended..
If the container is smaller around on the bottom than the top edge, make a few cuts going up the side to take out some of
the excess.   Pin or tape the cut pieces overlapping the excess.   The bottom edge will then have a slight rounded shape.   
Cut out the pattern and refit it making sure that you will have a nice fit.
2. With your new pattern, cut out the Cut Away or Felt and place it around your container for fitting.   Make any necessary
adjustments.    Draw ears placement.
3. Set up machine for embroidery.  Select Bunny Face.
4. Mark the pink/white check for the embroidery design - it should be centered on the side of the container.   See picture.
5. Hoop together:   white/muslin fabric, Cut Away/Felt; pink white check and stitch the design.
6. Upon completion, remove from the hoop and lay flat.   Take the pattern and pin it in place  over the fabric and centered
over the design.
7. Cut out the fabric pieces.   Remove the pattern and pin fabric pieces together.
8. Stitch all around the edges.    Use either an overlock machine to stitch the edges or use the zig zag or satin stitch around
all edges.   Cut fabric for ears insertion.  See drawing.
9. Construct Bunny ears.  Cut 2 large ears out of white/muslin, Cut Away, and pink/white check.  Then cut 2 small color
inside ears.   Place all pieces together and zig zag or overlock the edges.  Place the solid ear piece on the ear and zig zag
stitch around edges.   Stitch a satin stitch (width .03  up the center).
10. Set up hot glue gun.
11. Place Bunny fabric on the container.   Beginning at the center (where the bunny face will be)   Place a bead of glue close
to the bottom of the container and then close to the top edge.   Press fabric to glue.   Continue to work around top and
bottom edges until fabric meets in the back.
12. Overlap the edges and place a bead of glue up and down the extended edges.
13. Fold edges over the top  and glue down.    Insert Bunny ears in place and glue them to the container.