CLASS NO. 27 - Sewing Bib
                                                      by Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
                                                               January - 2007

Do you sometimes misplace your small scissors or stick pins in your blouse or dress?    Well, this month’s project is making
a Sewing Bib for just that purpose.    Also, you will make a beautiful applique butterfly quilt block for a pocket.   Always test
stitch designs.  

One piece  - 11" X 9" - heavy solid color fabric -
     similar to poplin, trigger or light weight canvas.
Two pieces same fabric big enough for the 4 inch hoop
      and  make a 5" square block.
One - 5 inch square piece quilt batting.
5" square of colorful print fabric for the butterfly
Cut Away stabilizer — no need to trim away after
1 pkg.  Wrights double fold bias tape - extra wide.
Embroidery thread - coordinated with print.
Bobbin thread.
Velcro - 2 inch strip.
Regular sewing thread to match solid fabric.
Basic sewing items.
Sewing machine with embroidery accessories.
Download the free butterfly design provided on the New Designs page.


1. Set up machine for embroidering — use thread that will coordinate with print fabric.
2. Hoop stabilizer and one small piece of solid fabric.  Attach to the embroidery arm.
3. Place the 5" square of print under the pressure foot and on top of the hooped fabric.
4. Stitch color No. 1 — this will attach the print to the solid fabric.   Different thread colors were used to stop the machine, but
you can use only one color.
5. Stop the machine and remove the hoop from the embroidery arm.  Do not turn the machine off ---- do not remove fabric
from hoop.
6. With small scissors, trim all around the outline stitches – take care to not cut any stitches.
7. Replace the hoop to the embroidery arm and continue stitching the design.
8. Upon completion, cut all jump threads and trim block to 5 ½ inches square.
9. Set up machine for regular sewing.
10. With the batting and the other small solid fabric – place the solid fabric and the embroidery piece right sides together.  
Then place the batting on the fabric.
11. Stitch all around leaving a space of 2 inches for turning.
12. Trim the corners, trim the batting close to the stitching and grade the fabric.  In other words, each piece should be trim
different widths.
13. Turn right sides out, be sure corners and seams are pressed out and then press on the back side with an iron.
14. Machine or finger stitch the opening closed and stitch some decorative stitches around the butterfly – selection your
choice.   This is a padded pocket.
15. Prepare solid 11" X 9" fabric.   On the length of the fabric, fold both ends under ½ inch.  Then on one end fold again 1
1/4 inch (which will be the top) – the other end 3/4 inch.  Hem by machine.
16. Place the butterfly pocket on the bib - centering - and stitch on sides and bottom.
17. Apply bias binding.  Stitch bias binding to one side of the bib enclosing the edges and then stitch part of the Velcro in the
top corner.  See picture.
18. On the other side, stitch bias binding on the side and then continue to stitch the binding long enough to go around the neck.  
Stitch the hook part of the Velcro on the end of the binding.
19. With the remainder of the bias binding, stitch it across the waist line encasing the hem and then continue stitching the binding
long enough to go around your waist and connect to the other side.  Attach Velcro for hooking.

Now you have a nice little sewing bib to place your small scissors inside the pocket – where they will be handy, and you can
stick a few pins/needle in the padded butterfly.