CLASS NO. 26 - Napkin Holder
                                                                          by Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
                                                                                December  - 2006

The technique for this lesson will focus on stippling in the hoop.  This item is a nice table decor item for each season
of the year or a basket for the bath vanity to place lotion, body wash, etc. in it.   This also makes a lovely hostess


4 - fat quarters assorted print fabric ---- in the season you want to make (we will make one for Christmas).
1 - tone on tone fat quarter fabric that
will be embroidered.
Fleece or batting.
Solvy or Badge Master stabilizer or any wash
away stabilizer.
Embroidery threads – coordinated with fabric print.
Bobbin filled with color embroidery thread.
1 ½  yd. - 3/8" wide coordinated ribbon
Downloaded designs ----- Stippling and “Napkins�
or select designs from your files.
Machine and accessories.
Embroidery arm and 4" and large hoops.
OPTIONAL - bias binding.


1. Set up machine for embroidery with embroidery thread and bobbin thread..
2. Use selected print fabric for side panel No. 1,  -   cut fabric 7" X 10".
3. Use the tone on tone fabric for side panel No. 2, - this will be embroidered “Napkinsâ€� --cut fabric  - 7" X 10".
4. Use the remaining print for end panels - cut fabric 4 ½� X 5 ½".
NOTE:   panels will be trimmed to proper size later.
5. Hoop a piece of stabilizer for the large hoop and attach to the embroidery arm.
6. Layer fabric and fleece/batting as follows (this makes a fabric sandwich):
one layer fabric - right side down
one layer fleece/batting
one layer fabric - right side up
 7. Place one sandwich on stabilizer and stitch a basting stitch — this will attach sandwich to the stabilizer.
 8. Select the large stippling design and stitch.    This will be Side Panel No. 1.
 9. Upon completion, remove the stippled sandwich from the hoop and trim off the stabilizer around the fabric.
Do not try to remove the stabilizer in the stippling area.   This will be dissolved with water.
Make another stippled panel for the bottom piece.
10. Construct a sandwich for Side Panel No. 2 (use the tone on tone fabric) and place on another piece of hooped stabilizer.
11. Select the design - “Napkinsâ€� - or a design of your choice and  embroidery it.   Upon completion, remove from hoop
and follow the previous instructions.
13. Hoop a piece of stabilizer in the 4" hoop.
14. Make 2 fabric sandwiches with the end panel fabric.
15. Place sandwich on stabilizer.
16. Select the smaller stippling design and stitch.
17. Make both end panels.   Upon completion, trim as in previous instructions.
18. With rotary cutter and cutting guide, cut the panels as follows:
side panels - 3 ½"  X 8" (make sure that the embroidered design is centered on its panel)
bottom panel - 4" X 8"
end panels - 3½" X 4"
19. Remove the embroidery unit from the machine and set up for a wide satin stitch.
20. Satin stitch around 3 sides of the side panels and the end panels.  Don’t satin stitch around the bottom panel.
21. Apply Fray Chek, let dry and then trim close to stitching.
22. With the stabilized sides facing up, zig zag stitch one side panel to the bottom panel — raw edges butted together.  Use an
edge joining foot if available.
23. Zig zag the second panel to the other side of the bottom panel.
24. Zig zag both end panels - match the 4 inch edges.
25. Set machine for wide satin stitch and stitch over the zig zag joining stitches.
26, Make sure that all satin stitching covers edges real good and looks nice.
27. Cut ribbon into even lengths and stitch on all corners to tie into a small bow.
28. Place napkin basket on a flat surface and spray generously with warm water to dissolve the stabilizer.   You might have to
do this 2 - 3 times ---- but leave some of the stabilizer in the fabric so that the basket will be stiff.
29. After it is dried, fold sides and ends up and tie ribbon into a bow.

OPTIONAL METHOD:   Bias binding can be used on the top edges.   Do not satin stitch any  top edges.    Apply bias binding
according to instructions on the package (or make your own) and extend 3" - 4"  on each end to tie together at corners.  See

NOTE:    If you make a basket for the bathroom vanity or for any other area of the home,  select a designs from your files to
embroidery on the tone on tone fabric.