CLASS NO. 25- Holiday Collar
                                                            by Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
                                                                     November  - 2006

The technique for this lesson will focus on embroidering a large design and making a collar that can be worn
with many items, on jackets, sweaters, blouses, etc.    Also, this will make a very nice gift to someone special
on your Christmas list.   If you prefer, other designs from your files can be used.


1 yard winter small print (or batik) - laundry/press
using a spray starch.     
1 yard coordinating print for lining - laundry/press
and use spray starch.   
Cut Away stabilizer
Embroidery threads – coordinated with designs.
Bobbin thread.
Construction thread and bobbin- coordinated
with print fabric.
Basic sewing items
Downloaded designs ----- Winter designs or
select designs from your files.
Print templates of designs.
Download and print pattern instructions.
Tissue or pattern paper.
Machine and accessories.
Embroidery arm and 4" and large hoops.


 1.   If you have a basic blouse pattern in your files, you can draw your back and front collar piece by tracing
across the neck, shoulders and arm hole areas.  Draw the V down the back.   See drawing - No. 1 and No.
2.   Using the printed pattern and tissue/pattern paper, draw a collar pattern for the back and front pieces.
3.   Using a fabric marker or chalk, trace around the pattern on to the fabric.
4.   Cut the fabric in a large rectangle shape around the pattern.   See drawing - No. 2.
5.   Cut a piece of stabilizer for the large hoop and use some fabric adhesive spray on it.
6.   Using the template, place it on the fabric where you want the design to be and mark the
areas on all sides and center.
7.    Place fabric on top of the stabilizer.     
8.    Line up the marked areas and hoop together.   Since this is a large design, the fabric and stabilizer needs
to be hooped real stabled.
9.    Set up machine for embroidery.
10.   Select the large design to embroidery on the back collar.   Thread machine with the first color.
11.   Embroidery the design.
12.   Upon completion, cut all jump threads and trim around stabilizer.  Press.
13.   Follow the above instructions for embroidering on the front collar pieces.
14.   After all embroidering is finished press each piece on the wrong side, using the paper pattern pieces and
cut the fabric fronts and  back.  You may notice that the embroidery pieces are smaller than when you first
drawn on the fabric, this is due to the embroidery drawing up the fabric as it stitches.
15.   Using the paper pattern, cut out the lining.
16.   Set up machine for regular sewing ---- thread the machine with construction thread – top and bobbin.
17.   Take the embroidery pieces, right sides together and stitch at the shoulder seam.  Press seam open.
18.   Repeat for the lining pieces.
19.   If you are adding a trim that needs to be in the seam line, baste stitch it on at this time.
20   With the embroidery collar and the lining, place right sides together and pin.
21   Stitch all around leaving 4 - 5 inches unstitched at the back neck area ---- this is for turning.
22.   Upon completion, turn the collar right side out making sure that the seams are push out to make a neat
appearance.  Press seam flat.
23.   Hand stitch the opening closed.  If you didn’t stitch a trim in the seams, stitch a trim on the outside
edges.  Press.

Enjoy your new winter/holiday/Christmas collar.   For spring, use a print with spring flowers.  Collars can be
made for different seasons and occasions or made to coordinate with a special outfit.