CLASS NO. 24  - SUMMER ASSORTMENT
                                                       by Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
                                                                   June  - 2006

This lesson focus on using coordinated designs to make a table runner, place mats, coasters, towel
topper, etc., any other item you wish to make for your kitchen and table.  The lessons will be in different
parts.  There are several designs for your use.   (I suggest you purchase enough fabrics  for doing all the
items.)   NOTE:   Test stitch all designs especially the sunflower before stitching on fabrics – the
bobbin thread needs to be exposed in order to cut it.


3  yards - white or natural cotton; or poly/cotton
— color your choice — see designs to      
determine what color you wish to use.
3 yards - country print to coordinate with designs.
Small pieces of Warm and Natural batting
Insul-Bright heat resistant batting - for making
    pot holders-hot pads
6" strip of clear vinyl - for coasters
Sew-on velcro or button
Coordinated bias binding.
Sewing/construction thread.
Stabilizers - Cut Away and Tear Away.
Fabric adhesive spray.
Size 80 machine needle.
Embroidery threads suitable for the selected design.
Bobbin thread.
Machine, Embroidery accessories, small, medium and large hoops.
Downloaded designs - all in .hus  format.  Print a catalog sheet for reference.
Basic sewing items.


Prepare fabrics — you may wish to laundry, use spray starch and press all of the fabrics.
Cut fabrics for different items - all items are lined with a print fabric:
Table Runner - 18" X 44" (or measure your table and decide the size needed.) - round off the ends.   
See picture
Place Mats - 12" X 18" - round off the ends.  See picture
Napkins - 16 inch square (print fabric only - not lined)
Coasters - make in large hoop - trim after embroidery
Towel topper - make in large hoop - trim after embroidery
Hot pad - 7" square or cut it round.   Cut heat resistant filling - same size.
Pot Holder - same as for Hot Pad
Instructions for Table Runner:

1. Set up machine for embroidery using a size 80 Universal needle and bobbin thread.
2. Cut solid fabric according to the size of your measurements for a table runner — otherwise use the
measurement above.
3. Using the large hoop ---- hoop the Tear Away and the end area of the table runner together.   See
4. Select design – Table Runner.
5. Stitch the design — but, when you start stitching the sun flowers, increase the tension on  the upper
thread and slow the machine down.   The design needs to have the bobbin thread exposed.  This thread
is cut after embroidery is finished.
6. Embroidery the design at the other end of the table runner.
7. Upon completion, cut all jumps stitches, remove from hoop and remove the stabilizer.
8. Place table runner right side down on ironing board and press.
9. Cut the bobbin threads and fluff the sunflower.
10. Take the print lining, right side down and place the embroidered piece on top – right side up.   Pin
together and overlock stitch around edges.  
ANOTHER METHOD: Place both right sides together and stitch around leaving a few inches
unstitched.   Turn right side out, press and finger stitch the opening.  You could stitch an eyelet trim to
the edges.