CLASS NO. 23 - EMBROIDERY ON BALSA WOOD
                                                                   by Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
                                                                                   May - 2006

The technique for this lesson will focus on stitching on a different medium - balsa wood. This is a very thin wood that will
take special care in stitching. It can be purchased at most art stores or home repair stores. It comes in different widths. For
this lesson, we will use the 6 inch width. This technique requires that the machine is slowed down to prevent the wood from
splitting. Designs suitable for stitching on wood should be very open - very little density.


1 pc - 5 X 6 inches that is 1/16 thickness balsa wood. Prepare wood by using a spray, clear wood finish –let dry then
lightly rub fine sand paper over it. Clean with a soft cloth.
Sticky stabilizer
Solvy stabilizer
Size 80 machine needle
Embroidery threads suitable for the selected design.
Bobbin thread
Machine, Embroidery accessories, large hoop or the 5 X 7 hoop.
Download the fish scene on Father's Day page - link below.


1. Set up machine for embroidery using a size 80 Universal needle and regular bobbin thread.
2. Place the inner hoop inside the outer hoop and tighten screw so the hoop will stay together.
3. Cut a piece of Sticky Stabilizer a little bit larger than the hoop.
4. Remove one end of the paper protection and place the sticky part on the back side of the hoop. Continue until all of the
Sticky Stabilizer is adhered to the back side of the hoop.
5. Using a printed template, make placement marks on the wood with a pencil.
6. Place the wood on the stabilizer lining up the placement marks.
7. Attach the embroidery hoop to the embroidery arm.
8. Place a piece of Solvy on top of the wood. This will prevent the stitches from sinking in.
9. Select design and thread the machine with the first color thread.
10. Using the foot peddle, slowly start stitching.
11. When you are comfortable with a slow, steady stitching — then touch the button for auto stitching and SLOW the
machine down.
12. Continue stitching until the design is finished.
13. Remove the hoop from the embroidery arm.
14. DO NOT remove the Sticky Stabilizer ---- it remains and will help keep the wood from splitting. Using scissors, trim
close to the edges of the wood.
15. Cut all the jump stitches.
16. Carefully remove the Solvy stabilizer ---- whatever remains, use a damp sponge and touch the areas that still has an
excess amount on it.
17. The embroidered wood is now ready to adhere it to a wood plaque, frame it, or use it for that special man in your life.

Ellen Mason - JOY Designs