CLASS NO. 20 - FLEECE HOODED SCARF
                                                                        by Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
                                                                                  November - 2005


12" x 60" long fleece - color your choice
Regular construction thread for top and bottom
Embroidery threads
Bobbin thread
Stabilizer: Tear Away and Water Soluble
Chalk or fabric marking pen
Spray fabric adhesive
Sewing machine, embroidery accessories - 4" hoop
Winter or Christmas design from your files


1.  Trim fleece for a nice even edge - it does not have to be hemmed.
2. Fold fleece in half ---- 12" X 30".
3.  On each half —measure down from the fold, 5 - 6 inches and mark with chalk or a fabric marking pen.  This will be the
center of the design.
4. Set up machine for embroidery.  Thread with the first color.
5. Hoop Tear Away stabilizer and spray with adhesive.
6. Attach hoop to embroidery arm.
7. Place fleece over stabilizer lining up center points.
8. Place a piece of water soluble stabilizer on top of fleece.
9. Embroidery selected design - on both sides.
10. After embroidery is finished — cut all jump threads and remove stabilizers.
11. Fold SCARF right sides together.
12. Beginning at fold, stitch a ½" seam for 9 inches.
13. Turn right side out and enjoy a new fleece hooded SCARF.

Ellen Mason - JOY Designs