CLASS NO. 19 - DOOR KNOB DECOR
                                                                     by Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
                                                                              September  - 2005

What a neat little gift for yourself and your sewing friends.  Also, included in this lesson are a blank, a Thanksgiving and
Christmas design.    This is a quick and easy item to make so you can make several for your church bazaar.


1/4 yd. solid colored fabric - your choice
1/4 yd. coordinated print fabric
Warm n Natural quilt batting
Cut Away stabilizer
Embroidery threads
Bobbin thread
Fray Chek
Basic sewing items
Machine and embroidery accessories
Large Hoop
Downloaded designs from JOY Designs     -   IN THE HOOP  page.


1. Set up machine for embroidery - thread with the first color.
2. Cut fabrics  for placing in the large hoop.
3. Cut batting to fit the inside measurement of the hoop — batting is not hooped.
4. Layer stabilizer, batting and solid fabric and hoop them ---- make sure that batting is not interfering in the hooping.
5. Attach hoop to the embroidery arm.
6. Select design.
7. Embroidery all of the design except the last color.
8. The machine will stop for the last color change.   DO NOT REMOVE THE HOOP FROM THE EMBROIDERY
9. Slide the print fabric (right side down) under the embroidery hoop and continue embroidering the design.
10. Upon completion, apply Fray Chek around the satin stitching, let dry and then trim.
11. Cut the slant open and cut out the inside circle to hang around the door knob.

Ellen Mason - JOY Designs