Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
                                                                     MISS ELLEN’S SEWING CLASS
                                                                   CLASS NO. 18 - GRAB IT- – PACK IT
                                                                       by Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
                                                                                   August - 2005

This is a great little item to make for yourself or a gift.    Keep  basic sewing items in the different pockets and whenever you
pack to go on a trip,  whether it is for a week, a weekend or overnight,  just grab it and pack it in your suitcase.   You will need
6 coordinated,  different print fabrics for this project.


Print No. 1  -  8" X 17" - this is the main outside fabric
    2  -  8" X 17"
    3  -  8" X 6" pocket No. 1
    4  -  8" X 9" pocket No. 2
    5  -  8" X 12" pocket No. 3
    6  -  8" X 14" pocket No. 4
Iron On batting - 7" X 16"
Iron On interfacing - cut as follows:
7" X 5", 7" X 8"
7" X 11", 7" X 13"   - DO NOT iron
the interfacing in the seam area.
3" Hook-and-Loop tape
½ yard - 1/4" wide coordinated ribbon
Coordinated construction thread  
Basic sewing supplies and your machine.
    No embroidery during class.   

BEFORE CLASS: Cut all of your fabric pieces, batting and interfacing.  Iron the batting to the wrong side of Print No. 1.  
Iron the interfacing to the wrong side of all pockets — do not have the batting or interfacing in the seam area.    Also, if you
want an embroidery design ---- please select one from your files and stitch it before class.  


1. Fold all four pocket pieces in half and finger press.
2. Stitch 1/4" from the folded edge of all four pockets.
3. Pocket No. 1 - center the hook part of hook-and-loop tape and stitch in place.
4. Optional, you may do some free motion stippling on all the pockets.
5. On pocket No. 3,  stitch two button holes for ribbon insertion.
6. Layer the four pockets with the raw edges even – trim if necessary.
With pockets No. 1, 2 and 3, stitch together 2" from the one edge.    Repeat for the other edge.   This makes individual
pockets for the sewing items.
7. Layer Print No. 2 right side up - then place all four pockets on top beginning with pocket No. 4, then No. 3, etc.     Make
sure all raw edges are even.
8. Place Print No. 1 with iron on batting, right side down.   Pin together and trim if necessary.
9. Optional:   round all four corners if you wish.
10. Stitch together (1/4" seam) leaving a 3" opening on one side for turning.
11. Turn inside out and smooth out edges.
12. Close opening and top stitch all edges.
13. Stitch the other part of the hoop-and-loop on the inside flap for closure.
14.  Insert ribbon through button holes and tie on small scissors.   The scissors are kept inside a pocket.