CLASS NO. 17 - APPLIQUE MESH TOTE BAG
                                                                 by Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
                                                                                July - 2005

Use black fiberglass screen wire purchased from Ace Hardware, Wal-mart, or any hardware store.   This screen wire
will be referred to as “fabric� for easier instructions.

½ yard black vinyl screening  - must be 36" wide
1/3 yard - fall colors - OR assorted
   solid or print fabric scraps
1/4 yard black poly cotton for lining leaves
1/4 yard iron on interfacing
Black belting for handles OR you can
    make fabric handles  
Black sewing thread for top and bobbin
Size 90 machine needles        
One spool sewing thread that coordinate
    with fabric
Fabric spray adhesive
Basic sewing kit
Sewing machine and accessories - no embroidery
    on this project
9" X ½� wide elastic - black - Optional
3" - 4" wide Balsa wood - Optional

NOTE:   No drawings available

1. Cut fabric to 16" or 18" X 30" or 36".
2. Fold fabric in half - 15" X 18" - Determine the center of each side.   See drawing.  You may use a chalk pencil to
draw seam lines on both sides - allow 4 inches in the middle for the bottom of the bag.
NOTE: You will do all appliqueing while fabric is flat.
3. Using fabric adhesive, adhere black lining to the wrong side of solid/print fabric.
4. Using leaves pattern, cut out assorted leaves.  
OPTIONAL: If you have some large coordinated flowers, you could intermingle these with the leaves.
5. Place 4 - 5 assorted leaves on one side of the bag fabric.   See drawing.
6. Pin in place.
7. Set up machine for applique stitch (on the D1 - Menu E; No. 23; L 1.5 W 3).   Black thread in top and bobbin.
8. Do a practice stitch making sure that the swing of the needle will enclose the edges.
9. Applique stitch all leaves on one side of the bag.  
10. Follow steps 5 - 9 on the other side of the bag fabric.
11. Cut two 5" strips of solid/print fabric the width of the bag.
12. Cut two strips (same measurement as above) of iron on interfacing and apply to the wrong side of the  fabric.
13. Fold the strips length wise and press.  Then fold each edge under 1/4 inch and press.
14. Pin the strips on each end of the bag - both front and back.
15. Straight stitch the strips to the bag.
16. Cut handles the length you prefer and pin in place on the strips – make sure they are evenly space.
17. Use a very secure stitch to attach the strips.
18. (Optional) - pin elastic piece (for a water bottle) in place on the inside of the bag in the seam area.
19. Place right sides together and seam the edges together.   Use a very secure stitch or if available, overlock the
edges.  Be sure the elastic is stitched in the seam.
20. Keep bag inside out and flatten the side seam to the center of the bottom and sew approximately 1 ½ inches in.   
Make sure that you do both sides evenly.   This will make the bottom flat.  You can either trim the miter or stitch it
21. Turn bag right side out  ----- then hold it up and admire your finished bag.

If a 3" wide by 14" piece of Balsa wood or a light weight, thin wood is available, ---- cover it with the same print fabric
and place in the bottom of the bag to keep it’s shape.

Ellen Mason - JOY Designs