LESSON NO. 16
                                             DETACHABLE and REVERSIBLE  COLLAR/FRONT BAND
                                                             by Ellen Mason - JOY Designs - 6/2005   
This is a simple and easy lesson.   Make a front button-on patriotic printed band and make an collar that attaches.    
Embroidery a patch for added embellishment.  Use two different prints to make the band and collar reversible.


1 -  Purchased camp blouse (this is a blouse that buttons from neckline to hip line, and has a  straight collar).
1/4 yard printed fabric.   If making a reversible band and collar, purchase 1/4 yard each.
Iron on interfacing
Matching sewing thread and a filled bobbin
Fabric marking pen
Basic sewing kit
Download - Eagle patch design from www.joydesigns.org  Scroll to Patriotic designs.
Suggested embroidery threads
Bobbin thread
Sewing machine with embroidery accessories.
Scrap piece poplin - same color as blouse
Fabric spray adhesive
Tear Away stabilizer for making pattern
Cut Away for embroidering patch


1. Prewash blouse and fabrics.
2. Press blouse.
3. Spray starch printed fabrics and press.
4. Measure front of blouse from neckline to bottom of blouse.
5. FRONT BAND:  Cut 2 strips the measured length plus 1 inch -  by 2 inches wide
6. Cut one strip of interfacing this same measurements.
7. Press interfacing to the wrong side of one band.
8. Construct the front band by placing right sides together and stitch 1/4 inch seam down both sides.
9. Turn right side out, fold edges in and stitch close.   Press.
10. Top stitch 3/8 inch down both sides.
11. Pin band over the front blouse opening that has the buttonholes and mark where button holes are to be made on the
12. Stitch button holes on band and cut them.  Press band
13. Button the blouse and then place the band on the blouse and button the band.
14. COLLAR:   If you have a pattern similar to the purchased blouse, use the collar pattern.  If not, use a piece of Tear
Away, sew in interfacing or tissue paper and trace the purchased blouse collar adding 3/8 inch seam allowance.  Also, trace
the neckband if the blouse has one.
15. Cut out fabric and interfacing - construct the collar in the usual method.
16. Cut out and construct the neckband fabric and interfacing - attach it to the collar.
17. Fold neckband raw edges in and stitch close.
18. Press collar and neckband.  Whip stitch band to the inside blouse neckband.
19. If you prefer – stitch button holes on the neckband and stitch buttons on the inside blouse neck band.


1. Download embroidery design.
2. Set up machine for embroidery.
3. Cut a piece poplin fabric, same color as blouse.
4. Hoop Cut Away, use some spray fabric adhesive -  and attach to embroidery arm.
5.         Place poplin to the hooped stabilizer.
6. Embroidery design
7. Upon completion, trim close to the embroidery piece and apply some edge sealant.   Do not remove Cut Away.
8. Place on blouse, pin in place and whip stitch around edges.   Do not stitch tight/small stitches because you can change
patches on  the blouse often.

This method can be used to make all different types of embellishment, i.e., country print, solid print, Christmas or other
holidays, etc.

Ellen Mason - JOY Designs