LESSON NO. 14 - Valentine Napkin Cuff
                                                                        by Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
                                                                                     January 2005

The techniques in this lesson are: applying lace on two edges, embroidering a open heart and then inserting a monogram; and
stitching an enclosed seam.


Machine with all accessories and the embroidery unit.
Basic sewing kit.
Stabilizers: light weight tear away and Solvy.
Threads:   white bobbin;  white cotton/poly - 60 weight;  red embroidery.
Needles:   Universal 80; Universal 70.
½ yard organdy — this amount will make 8 cuffs.
Cotton Lace for edging ---- ½ yard required for each cuff.  (4 yards for 8 cuffs).
Blue fabric marking pen.
Spray starch
Spray fabric adhesive
Designs downloaded from www.joydesigns.org    (On the New Designs page).

NOTE:    No drawings available.

1. Prepare fabric.    Spray starch all of the ½ yard.
2. Cut fabric into 8" squares.
3. With fabric pen and ruler, mark 3/4 inch in from all sides of fabric square.  Mark only one piece as you make it.  Mark
embroidery placement ---- see Drawing A and B.  Center of design should be 2 ½ inches from top point.
4. Set up machine with embroidery unit; bobbin thread, and  red embroidery thread on top.    Select the open heart design.
5. Hoop a piece of tear away stabilizer and apply spray adhesive.
6. Place fabric square on the “stickyâ€� stabilizer.   NOTE: the corner of the fabric square will be pointing to the top of
the hoop ---- see drawing B.
7. Embroidery the heart — upon completion - DO NOT REMOVE FROM MACHINE.
8. Without removing hoop, select a monogram and stitch it inside the heart.
9. Upon completion — remove hoop from embroidery arm;   remove stabilizer and cut all jump stitches.
10. Trim the fabric square on the drawn lines.   This should measure approximately 6 ½ inches square.  (You might want to
spray starch and iron again — also spray starch and iron the lace edging if it is cotton).
11. Change machine to white 60 weight sewing thread and size 70 needle.   Use a C foot if you have a Husqvarna machine.
12. On your machine, select a zig zag stitch;   2 width, 1.5 length.
13. Place an 8 inch piece of  lace on one edge of fabric square letting the fabric be extended a little ---- see drawings C and
D.  Lace will be sewn to two sides.
14. Stitch the lace to the fabric — this is a roll hem.   Let the lace extend pass the corner of the fabric.
15. Using another 8 inch piece of lace, apply to the other edge of the fabric square.   Extend lace from the corner.
16. Upon completion, fold lace out flat and finger press.
17. Fold one lace edge to the other – right sides together – stitch the corner extended lace in line with the fold and trim the
excess.  You might need to stitch 2 - 3 times. This should be a mitered lace corner.  See Drawing E.
18. Fold the fabric square from one corner to an opposite corner.  Stitch the two sides without lace with an enclosed seam -
use a 1/4 inch seam.  Trim close to stitching, then turn with right sides together and stitch again.  See Drawing F.
19. Turn cuff right side out and press lightly.   Insert a folded napkin.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy making this little Valentine Napkin Cuff.  You can use these instructions for making other
napkin cuffs using a different embroidery motif.

Ellen Mason - JOY Designs