LESSON NO. 13 - 3D Angel Ornament
                                                           by Ellen Mason - JOY Designs - 12/2004

This lesson is stitching out 2 pieces of a design and then joining them to make an ornament for your Christmas tree.


1 piece of poly organza or bridal illusion (color - your choice)
2 pieces of water soluble stabilizer
Embroidery thread
Bobbin thread - filled bobbin
10 inches narrow ribbon for a hanger
Machine/embroidery attachment and accessories
Basic sewing items
Downloaded design from New Designs page


1. Hoop together, 1 layer stabilizer, 1 layer organza and then on top one layer of stabilizer.
2. Set up machine for embroidery.
3. Insert Card/Floppy into machine and bring up design.
4. Stitch design - angel body and angel wings.
5. Upon completion, remove hoop from machine and remove stitched design from the hoop.
6. Trim close to edges of design taking care not to cut any threads.
7. Place in water for a few seconds — do not remove all of the stabilizer.
8. While drying, smooth out the angel body and shape the wings.
9. Place wings on back of angel and tack stitch in 2 or 3 places.   Stitch a ribbon to the head area for hanging on the tree.