LESSON NO. 9 - HOLIDAY TABLE SETTING
                                                                      TECHNIQUE - FRINGE FLOWERS
                                                                   By - Ellen Mason - JOY Designs 5/2004

Download designs and pattern.   Print instructions and pattern.  Instructions are for making one holiday lamp.


1/3 yd. patriotic fabric.   (A small print on a dark background is best)
1/3 yd. iron on interfacing
1/3 yd. white cotton
1 pkg. Coordinated rick rack
Stabilizer -   Cut Away
Embroidery threads:   white, yellow, red and orange; or colors your choice
Bobbin thread
Purchased wine glass and a small candle
Machine and embroidery unit, accessories and basic sewing supplies


1. Iron interfacing to patriotic fabric only - follow manufacturer’s instructions.
2. Cut out pattern.
3. Cut one piece of patriotic fabric, size 9" X 12".
4. Cut one piece of white cotton, size 9" X 12".
5. Set up machine for embroidery.
6. Hoop a piece of Cut Away stabilizer.  (The stabilizer will not be removed.)  Attach hoop to the embroidery arm.


7. Select fringe flower design and thread machine with the first color.
8. Take the cut out pattern and place it on top of the patriotic fabric - draw pattern on to the fabric.  DO NOT CUT OUT.
9. Mark the placement points on the fabric.    O = daisy design     X = fringe flowers
10. Place the 9" X 12" patriotic fabric on top of the hooped stabilizer. Use either a basting
          stitch or fabric spray glue to attach.
11. Move the embroidery hoop to stitch the first flower in the proper position.  If you have a Designer 1, use the arrow buttons
to move the hoop.
12. Stitch the first flower, then move to the proper position and stitch the 2nd flower – continue to stitch the 3rd flower.   
NOTE:   you might have to increase the top thread tension for the correct stitching because you will be cutting the bobbin
threads on the back side after completion.
13. Cut jump stitches as you progress.


1. Follow the above instructions for setting up machine for embroidery, etc.
2. Select daisy design.
3. Thread machine with the first color.
4. Move hoop to the first daisy design.  Stitch the first daisy flower.
5. Move the embroidery hoop to the second flower position and then the 3rd.
6. Cut jump stitches as you stitch.


1. Upon completion of stitching all the flowers, cut all jump stitches on the wrong side.
2. Remove embroidery piece from hoop.
3. With small sharp scissors, cut the bobbin stitches on all fringe flowers only.
4. On the right side, using a pin or something blunt and  start bringing up the edges of the fringe flowers and fluff them up.
5. Change machine to straight stitching.
6. Place the piece of white cotton under the embroidery piece.  Pin together.
7. Stitch around the pieces on the drawn pattern lines.
8. Zig Zag stitch the straight edges.
9. Trim close to stitching.
10. Stitch rick rack on both curved edges.
11. Place one straight edge over the other and Zig Zag together.

So many different shades can be made using this technique.  So, you be creative and make many more to decorate your table
for a special event.


Ellen Mason - JOY Designs