Lesson No. 8  - Part 2
                                                                          3D Butterfly and Flowers
                                                                  (for embellishing a bird house/cage)
                                                                 by Ellen Mason  - JOY Designs 4/2004
NOTE: This lesson involves learning to stitch out layers of items, put them together to make a butterfly or
flowers.    These can be used for embellishing sweaters, pillows, etc.


1/4 yard Organza (or bridal illusion if you can’t purchase organza locally) - different colors your choice.  Also, you may
want to use white organza with different colored threads.
Embroidery threads - colors your choice in different shades.   Also, black or brown
Water soluble stabilizers
Basic sewing supplies
Machine with embroidery attachments and accessories
Small sharp scissors
Purchased bird house or bird cage (it may be necessary to paint the bird house/cage)
Purchased silk ivy and a feathered bird
Hot glue gun and glue
Download designs and save to floppy or card to insert into your machine.   You have the option of using a large hoop or the 4"
hoop.   In the large hoop, you can stitch two butterflies/flowers in one hooping.


METHOD: Butterflies

1. Set up machine for embroidery.
2. Thread machine with the first color for your butterfly.  For instance, for a pink butterfly, the large piece should be the darkest
shade, the middle size a lighter shade and the top piece the lightest shade of pink.   You might want to experiment using different
colors for your butterfly.
3. Hoop on layer of Badge Master or use 2 - 3 layers of Solvy.   Then place one layer of organza - then top with one layer of
Solvy.  (I use both types of water soluble stabilizer)
4. Select butterfly design.
5. Stitch out and make 5 butterflies or however many you want on your bird house/cage.
6. Upon completion, trim each item and place in a water.
7. Remove from water – blot dry.   Turn up edges to curl.
8. After items are dry — place one set of wings (one large, medium and small) one on  top of the other and tac stitch.
9. Change thread to black or brown.
10. Remove embroidery attachment.
11. Select a decorator stitch similar to an elongated oval for the butterfly body.
12. Place 3 sizes of butterflies together.   Stitch over the wings (in the center) to complete the design.

FLOWERS:  (using the 4" hoop)

1. Use the same method as for butterflies.
2. Stitch out a set of flowers — small and medium.   Apply Fray Chek to the edges, let dry and then trim.
3. Stitch our one large flower ---- when machine stops for a color change (center dot), place a medium size and a small size
flower under the pressure foot and then stitch the center dot.   This will stitch all three sizes together.

After stitching all of the butterflies, flowers you want.  Then using a purchase silk ivy vine, place it around on the bird
cage/house.  Apply hot glue at intervals.    Place the butterflies and flowers on the vine at assorted places and hot glue in
place.    You might want to place one or two butterflies directly on the cage/house and glue in place.


Ellen Mason - JOY Designs