Lesson No. 7
                                                      TOWEL TOPPER, COASTER FOR ST. PATRICK’S DAY
                                                                    by Ellen Mason - JOY Designs 2/2004


Solid color fabrics - your choice
Stabilizer - use your favorite type
Embroidery threads - Med. Green; Black; Beige; Tan; Brown; White; Lt. Gray; Yellow; Olive Green; and Yellow/gold (you may
change any of the colors you wish)
Bobbin thread
Regular Poly/Cotton sewing thread - solid fabric color
Fabric spray glue
Basic sewing items
Cotton batting
Small piece vinyl
Purchase towel - print or solid color your choice - (cut in half - makes two towels)

TOWEL TOPPER: (In the Hoop)

Set up machine for embroidery.
Cut 2 pieces fabric 8" X 11".
Using a large hoop - hoop stabilizer and apply fabric spray glue.
Attach hoop to embroidery arm.
Place one piece of fabric on top of spray glue stabilizer.
Select towel topper design.
Embroidery the center design.
Place one layer of stabilizer and the second piece of fabric under the embroidery hoop.
Continue stitching the design.
Upon completion, apply some Fray Chek to satin stitch edges.
After drying, trim around edges.
Apply a velcro tab to the back of the flap or stitch a button hole and attach a button to the back.
On the bottom opening, fold 1/2" inside and press.
Pleat towel to fit inside the bottom opening.
Insert pleated towel inside the towel topper and stitch.

COASTER: (In the Hoop)

Cut two pieces fabric 7" X 8", one piece batting and one piece vinyl.
Hoop stabilizer - size larger than hoop.   Apply fabric spray glue.
Layer together one piece fabric, vinyl, batting and one piece fabric on top.
Place all 3 under pressure foot and on top of the sprayed stabilizer.
Stitch coaster design.
After completion, cut jump stitches, apply Fray Chek to edges, let dry and then trim.


Using previous set up instructions, embroidery a piece of solid fabric to make a pocket for the bag holder.    Finished size should
be 4" X 5".   Optional - attach eyelet to top of pocket.
Cut the following: checkered fabric 14" X 22"; 2 pieces eyelet trim 14"; 2 pieces bias binding 14"; 2 pieces elastic - 12".
Set up machine for straight stitching.
Stitch together one piece eyelet to end edge of fabric - right sides together.
Repeat on the other end of the fabric.
Apply bias binding 3/4" below eyelet seam - on each end of bag holder.
Attach embroidered pocket in center of checkered fabric.
Insert elastic through bias binding casing - let elastic extend one inch on each side.  Pin to keep elastic from slipping.
Pin right sides together and stitch(seam).  You have a finished “tubeâ€� - 22/24" long.
Make 10" ties with remainder bias binding or use ribbon and attach to one end for hanging.


Using previous instructions for embroidering, hoop Badge Master or Solvy or a water soluble stabilizer in the 4" hoop.
Using a design template, mark towel to place the design where you wish.
Place towel on top of hooped stabilizer.
Place another piece of Badge Master or Solvy on top of towel.
If your machine has the baste stitch — then do a baste stitch around attaching all layers together.
Stitch design.
Upon completion, remove from hoop, cut jump stitches, remove stabilizer.
Rinse towel to remove all of the stabilizer.


Ellen Mason - JOY Designs