Lesson No. 6
                                                   CUT WORK SOUTHERN BELL PILLOW CASE
                                                          by Ellen Mason - JOY Designs 1/2004

Supplies:  (for one pillow case)

1 pc. Cotton or poly/cotton fabric size 44" wide X 32" long
Embroidery thread
Bobbin thread
1 ½ yds. lace/eyelet edging
Small sharp point scissors
Regular thread and a filled bobbin
Basic sewing supplies
Sewing machine/embroidery accessories
Optional - Glad Press and Seal
Downloaded designs from Large Designs page


1.  Download designs and save on either floppy or hard card for your machine.  This design  is in two parts - 2
hooping.   Print out all templates to use for placement.
2.  Press fabric using a spray starch.
3.  Fold fabric to 22" wide X 32" long.
4.  In the center of the 22" width (11") measure up from the bottom 3" and using a fabric pen, place a mark.   This will
be the bottom of the SB skirt.
5.  Using the skirt printed template and fabric pen, make placement marks.
6.  Hoop stabilizer using your preferred stabilizer and method.
    Experiment with Glad Press and Seal.  Apply to the back of the fabric and hoop.  Use a piece large enough to
stitch both parts of the design.
7.  Stitch the SB skirt.   After stitching the first color (gray), carefully remove the hoop from the embroidery arm and
with sharp scissors, cut out the fabric inside the ovals.  Do not turn machine off or un-hoop fabric.
8.  Place another small piece of stabilizer under the cut out places.  Replace hoop on the embroidery arm and continue
stitching the SB skirt.  Cut jump stitches.
9.  Un-hoop and prepare to stitch the top design.
10. On the printed template of the SBell top, darken the cross marks on the template using a black pen.
11. With paper scissors, cut around the SBell figure making sure that the cross marking is easy to see.
12. Place the paper cut out SBell figure lining up the hip stitching with the top of the skirt.  It should overlay on the
stitching.  Using a fabric marking pen, mark the NESW and especially the center cross hair for placement.  When
hooping be sure to line up all the marks with the hoop markings.
13. Stitch the top of the Sbell.
14. Upon completion, cut all jump stitches and un-hoop.
15. Cut off 1" off the bottom of the fabric and in doing so, even up the edge and fold edge under.  Pin if necessary.
16. There should be 1" space between the bottom of the skirt and the turned up hem.
17.  Unfold the hem and attached lace/eyelet on the folded edge line.
18. Or you may use your favorite method to attach lace/eyelet for finishing.
19. Fold right sides together and stitch seams.
20. Turn right side out and press.


Ellen Mason - JOY Designs