LESSON NO. 5
                                               THREAD END CUTTINGS ORNAMENT
                                                by Ellen Mason - JOY Designs 12/2003


1 pc. Bridal illusion
2 pcs. Badge Master or similar water soluble stabilizer
Embroidery thread - color your choice
Bobbin thread
Thread end cuttings that have been saved
12 inch piece coordinated color ribbon for hanging
Sewing machine with embroidery attachment and accessories
Basic sewing supplies
Downloaded designs


1. Hoop together these items in the following sequence.

2. One piece of Badge Master.

3.   One piece Bridal illusion.

4. Sprinkle some thread end cuttings on top of illusion.

5. Another piece of Badge Master.

6. Attach hooped materials to the embroidery arm.

7. Select and stitch design.

8. Upon completion - trim around edges and place in water to dissolve the Badge Master.

9. Let dry ---- attach ribbon for hanging


Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
joydesigns @ se.rr.com