MISS ELLEN’S SEWING CLASS - No. 3
                                                                                     Technique - Applique/Embroidery
                                                                                                September, 2003

                                                                      Front view                                           Back view                   


Purchased blouse/denim shirt
Christmas Cardinal designs - download from Christmas page
Sewing machine and all accessories
Embroidery attachment and hoops
Embroidery threads: light blue, brown, dark green, medium green, light green, dark red, lite red, black, orange gold, metallic gold(optional) and
dark orange
Regular poly/cotton thread for blouse/shirt
Bobbin thread
Stabilizer for embroidery
Basic sewing items
Cut out pieces - suggestions:  poinsettias, holly, pine and pine cones, bells, Christmas roses or any Christmas theme of your choice


1. Prepare shirt/blouse.   Laundry and iron item - apply spray starch if necessary.
2. Set up machine to applique.
3. Use thread that compliments the applique - sample is red, white and gold trim.
4. Select the applique stitch.  Note: if your machine does not have the applique stitch, use a narrow zig-zag stitch.
5. Placement - using some type of fabric glue - attach applique pieces.
6. Stitch around the attached pieces.
7. Change machine for embroidery - attach embroidery unit to the machine.
8. Using the embroidery template, make placement marks for the cardinal.
9. Hoop stabilizer and spray a fabric spray glue on it.
10. Attach embroidery hoop to the embroidery arm.
11. Select the single cardinal.
12. Thread the machine with the first color.
13. Place the blouse/shirt on the stabilizer, under the embroidery foot .
14. Embroidery the single cardinal over the applique pieces.
15. Upon completion, cut all jump stitches and remove excess stabilizer.
16. Press on wrong side.


1. Using a template, mark the top right for the smaller size ChrCardPineBr90 design.
2. Hoop stabilizer and use the same procedure as in Nos. 9 - 16, except  No. 11.


1. Following the above procedure, embroidery the large Class No. 3 - CHR SHIRT.wpdChrCardHollyBr design on the back.
2. If necessary (and for easier handling)  remove the stitching to separate the yoke from the back and press out the pleat (if the blouse/shirt has


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