by  Ellen Mason - JOY Designs

Machine, accessories
   and embroidery unit/large hoop
Even weave fabric
Selected design
Embroidery threads
Basic sewing supplies
Download clock designs on Large Designs page


1. Set up machine for embroidery
2. Hoop stabilizer and fabric and attach to the embroidery unit
3. Select the design in the machine
4. Lower the needle in the center of fabric ---- mark it with a fabric marker (this will be the center of
the clock)
5. Embroidery the clock design.
6. While the machine is stitching ----- take clock apart.
7. Look around the inside edge of the plastic cover ----- there are some small indentions.
8. Use a screw driver to “pop off� the plastic cover.
9. Carefully remove the hands
10. When embroidery is finished ---- use the plastic cover as a template.  Center the cover over the
embroidery piece and draw a line around the cover.  
11. Cut around the clock on the drawn lines and cut a small hole in the center.
12. Using a sponge brush, apply Elmer’s fabric glue on the clock face
13. Carefully place the embroidered clock design on it
14. Replace hands and cover

Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
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